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Our goal is simple – to promote the healthy exchange of ideas within a friendly forum of like-minded entrepreneurs and investors.

Through a combination of regular newsletters, live events and website updates, the Ideas Factory keeps its members informed and abreast of outstanding and timely business, property and other investment opportunities, whilst also providing an informal forum for people to get together to form business partnerships and lifelong friendships.

No one else does what we do, or can boast such an accomplished history, nor achieves so much for their members.

We actively assist our members to achieve all they wish to accomplish in business and in life. We bring our members together to share information and contacts, to discuss new plans and enterprises and get them off the ground, and to form partnerships of far, far greater value than the sum of their individual parts. The Ideas Factory is very much like a benevolent fraternity, a powerful union of kindred spirits, with each member eager to help one another and be assisted in return. New inventions and innovations are presented and discussed, and fascinating new concepts come to life. It’s real, it happens, and we do it all the time.

The people and companies we choose to promote have to offer products and services that we consider to be exceptional. These include heavily discounted property opportunities and a wide range of other kinds of investments. How does the thought of being the first to access some of the most innovative and potentially lucrative alternative investment opportunities in the world strike you?

What about having access to some outstanding and inspirational resources that will encourage you to follow your own dreams and aspirations?

Or even just having the opportunity to network offline with like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas and turn them into reality?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then the Ideas Factory is for you!

Be it film, television, the world’s cleanest engine, a non-invasive diabetes testing kit, communications innovations, property opportunities, indeed anything that stacks up, the Ideas Factory will be across it first so that we can share it with you.

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